Young and dynamic social media heroes

Our people step up to unlock low-cost latent capacity and achieve strong productivity gains across our tier one social media assets to deliver an unprecedented and unique result-based approach with a pro active visionary mindfullness koan.


What do you want to achieve? We can help you take the credit for our work!

Content kittens

We find the perfect kittens for your catblog!

Community evangelism

Spread the love! Everything is love! Love! Love? Love!

Social media moneyvertising

Make Mark Zuckerberg even richer by buying low hanging fruit.

Joke De Nul

Taming dragons, conquering Westeros and providing you with the best possible social media stuff!

Chris Demeyere

Writing a treatise on the necessity for mittens provided to komodo dragons while visiting Antartica. And occasionally hashtagging #like #a #champ

Marie Van Humbeeck

Her motto: Loves drinking Champagne while at the other side of the Earth but still being connected everywhere, everytime and ready to be there for clients.

Mona Meskens

Mona is a total social media badass, always in a good mood.

Karin Cuppens

Karin SLAYS all the work and then some.

Evelien Van Calster

Evelien loves Excel and we love her.

Dieneke Van Gerrewey

I wish Dieneke was here to write her text.

Florence van de Velde

Love to cuddle pugs.

Melina Mpotos

Knows all the things.

Jolien Durwael

She's new. We'll let you know soon.


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