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Punchline is a Belgian social media agency led by Joke De Nul and Chris Demeyere. Our team includes native speakers in Dutch, French and English. We can help you with all your social media needs, from strategy to execution. By focusing on your specific goals, we make social media work for you.


What do you want to achieve with your social media approach? Let's start with a plan!

Content creation

We create content that works for your audience and helps you achieve your goals.

Social media management

We engage your audience in a conversation, answer questions and keep people happy.

Social media advertising

We use the powerful targeting options on social media to reach an audience that is relevant for you.

Joke De Nul

Head of social

Joke is a social media manager with more than a decade of professional experience. She loves working for FMCG’s, entertainment and luxury brands. Joke loves making the perfect post and increasing organic reach. She’s well connected with the Flemish influentials and loves helping people.

Chris Demeyere

Body of social

Chris has extensive experience in both the public sector and the private sector as a social media manager. He focuses on telecom, the financial sector and B2B. While currently focused on strategy, he really enjoys conversation management and the occasional presentation.

Marie Van Humbeeck

Social media manager

Marie is a passionate community manager. She has a large experience of social media management for big brands (e.g. Dove, Zwitsal, Magnum, Volkswagen, Netflix,...) as well as for artists and actions. She is also a skilled web redactor and a blogger on her own platform and for webzines.

Alicia Van Coillie

Social media manager

Alicia started to explore the social media world in 2012 through brands such as Coca-Cola, Quick, Hema and Dr. Oetker as content creator and community manager. She likes to get involved in influencer marketing for brands as well. Aside from her obsession with social media, the internet and cats, she is also a food blogger and food photographer in between projects.

Mona Meskens

Social media manager

Mona is the youngest in the team. Besides conversation management she is a creative personality who will never say “no” to a brainstorm. She has led several projects for brands such as Lexus, Tarte à Moi and Proximus. Her passion for Instagram and, more precisely, Instagram Stories is huge but she also likes to discover what is behind a post. This means she has a close affinity with reporting. By the way, did you know he has a mini-pig?

Karin Cuppens

Social media manager

Karin translated her love for social media into a job when she started working as a social media manager 3 years ago. She’s already had the opportunity to work for brands such as Siemens Home, Securex and other government projects. Social advertising is her passion. And so is pizza so be sure to wake her up for that!

Jeroen Rottiers

Social media manager

Jeroen loves all facets of language and likes to share it on social media as well as through several blogs. He also likes using these channels to show his love for local food and drinks whenever possible. Finding the perfect word or sentence can make him truly happy.

Freek Stevens

Social media manager

Freek’s love for social media reached a peak while he was part of the staff at the Scouts and Gidsen Vlaanderen. The skills which he developed there evolved even further while working for other youth organisations and CM-Midden Vlaanderen. Next to his passion for non-profit organisations he has also broadened his digital knowledge in the private sector as a digital marketeer. His knowledge of SEO, SEA, Customer Journey and digital strategy are a great addition to his job as a social media manager.

Thaïs Smeekens

Social media manager

Thaïs has a 4-year experience in social media (Quick, Coca-Cola) and digital planning (Belfius, Mitsubishi). She loves great content that makes people experience something (love, unity, pride, …). She loves to work with brands that listen to their audience and go with the flow. _Thaïs is known for being super organized at work (her desktop is full of excel tables, plannings and to-do lists), that’s why she thinks to have a future in project management._ When she is not working, she loves to discover the world by watching documentaries and travelling. Instagram is her first source of inspiration for food, photography, art, … and yoga poses.

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